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Seven People Healed by a Word of Knowledge for Migraines

While Randy was speaking, I had a migraine come on that grew and diminished several times – I knew that it was a word of knowledge and that it was meant for several people. I had several people come forward for this word of knowledge. The first one got blasted. I prayed several prayers until she was 80% better. At the end of the night, she came back and said she was completely healed and thanked me. Another lady came forward with an infant. Her migraines were made worse during pregnancy. I prayed a few times. She said it was all gone. Then I gave a blessing over the baby with parental permission.

After her a tall young man, less than 20 came forward saying he had migraines ever since he could remember. I prayed initially and he said it was lessening. I prayed again. His countenance brightened and he said the headache was gone. Someone else had a migraine. I asked questions trying to find a beginning event. I asked if her neck had been injured. She said no, but later I prayed for the tension caused by the headaches to be released. She was 80% or more. A young woman came up and after asking some questions, I felt that her hormones were off. She said she got bad headaches during PMS. I prayed for the alignment of the pituitary and the end of the headaches. She was at 80% plus. Another lady came with TMJ troubles that contributed to her headaches. I prayed for TMJ twice. Finally, she could open her mouth wide when I asked her to yawn. Her headache was much better and she left with her countenance brighter. Finally, the last person came with a migraine headache. It went rather quickly but then she said she now had a headache on the opposite side that wasn’t there before. I commanded the spirit of infirmity to leave. I commanded the body to heal any residual damage. She left with a smile.

Beth R, Retired

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