Sick Baby Boy Gets Healed and Set Free

In the evening, an elderly woman came with a baby in the village where we were on outreach Namanhumbir. She heard about us and came to pray for the baby because of sickness. Many of us prayed. The woman said that the mama of this baby died, and she took the baby (which was already 9 months old but was lacking food, so he was like the age of a 4-5 month old and could not hold up his own head). The woman said that the baby (it was a boy) had not eaten in 3 days. He looked absent and showed no reaction. So the group prayed together. When I got my hand on the baby, it was a cold feeling. But then I saw a light spiritually, like life was coming inside. We prayed, and I put some lemonade in the mouth of the boy.

First, there was no reaction, but after a few times of doing this, the baby reacted. Then somebody saw two necklaces on the baby, which was from a witch doctor. Ben was cutting them off and the baby reacted with opening the mouth and showing his toungue. Somebody broke the curse off the baby. I still was giving lemonade with my finger into the baby’s mouth. We could see life coming back more and more.The baby was licking around the mouth. Someone came in with a fruit smoothie and the baby slowly, step by step, swallowed the smoothie. I was massaging the cheeks and chin. It was so amazing, the baby opened his eyes and began to smile. I was overwhelmed with what was going on. The baby even looked at his new “mom” and smiled. Many people prophesied over the woman and the baby, David. The next day, 2 women brought something to eat for the baby and went to the house. The baby was still laughing and was well! Praise God!!!


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