Jesus Touches and Heals a Woman with Cancer and her Sick Child

During a time of door to door outreach, one of the prayer teams met a woman and her daughter who were both sick. The mother was seated on a mat outdoors, helping her husband chop up raw pig meat. They were chopping to sell the meat to raise money so that she could go to the hospital in Pemba, a three hour drive away. She had cancer and several years before had had an operation in which they removed twelve tumors from her abdomen. She was left with constant pain and difficulty going to the bathroom. The team began to pray with her and encouraged her. She recommitted her heart to Christ.

Her pain lessened and lessened as the team continued to pray. After about thirty minutes of prayer, she said that the pain was gone. Encouraged by the healing, she asked us to pray for her right ear which was deaf. She said there was some improvement, but her ear was not completely healed. Then the team prayed for her eight year old daughter who was sick with malaria and lying listlessly on the mat next to her mother. While the team prayed, her fever went down a bit. We felt with the mother delighted that she was now painless and touched by Christ, and the daughter somewhat improved.


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