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Spirit of Skepticism Leaves

I am writing of a personal testimony of an inner healing. Randy was preaching on the subject of the Biblical Basis for Healing. As he was speaking, I felt a quickening in my spirit and my heart started pounding. 

He had invited us to stand when we left the Spirit working through the power of the Word. I kept resisting, thinking “Lord, I do not want to stand up in front of everyone.” The Spirit kept insisting. The Randy began going down what he would call a rabbit trail. But that rabbit trail was for me. He began talking how skepticism is a sin and unbelief is a huge deal to God. In that moment, I knew why I need to stand. God wanted to break off a spirit of skepticism that I had let leak into my life over the years. When I stood up and received the blessing, I felt God’s presence and had a difficult time continuing my notes because my hands were shaking. But I wrote “God you are so incredibly gracious. Thank you, Lord.” He cares about everything that keeps us from freedom in Him. – Elle

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