Strongholds of Fear and Night Terrors Broken

At the end of service, I thanked a young woman who had served the Church and our team so faithfully. I then asked her if she had any needs that I could pray for.  She explained a situation that had prolonged since she was six years old where several people had bullied her and intimidated her.  She had internalized these events for over ten years, hadn’t shared them much, and had trouble sleeping.

I led her through repentance for not sharing these things sooner and then had her renounce her fears. I placed my hands on her head and commanded the night terrors and spirits of intimidation and fear to leave her mind and spirit. She shouted, shook, and got a release.  While she was on the floor, I prayed, “More Joy” repeatedly and “More Peace.”  She lay on the floor for some time quietly and peacefully.  She said that she had never experienced so much peace or felt that good in over ten years.  She said that she felt light, happy with joy in her heart and at peace. Finally, she said, “I can rest!”

Pauletta H, Energy Consultant

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