Tumor Shrinks when Woman Releases the Need to Control

A woman brought her husband to us to pray for him because she said he had issues and needed prayer.  We prayed for him, called him into his destiny and asked Holy Spirit to fill him.  He immediately got a breakthrough.  However, we discerned that the wife was very controlling and was the one who really needed to be ministered to.  She shared that she had a child who had ADHD and she also said that she needed prayer for a problem with a tumor near her reproductive organs. We could feel it on her side. She was going to have surgery on it within the next few days.

We laid hands and asked her to forgive her husband and to no longer hold him hostage. We also sensed there was a lot of blame going on. After she confessed that and said that she forgave him, then we prayed twice for the fire of God to burn up the tumor and to go in and heal. She said she felt something.  The tumor/growth was noticeably smaller. The waist of her pants loosened 1-2 inches on the spot. Then she was slain in the Spirit and we ministered healing to her soul. Another team member arrived at that time, so we ministered to her while she was on the floor. When she released her need to control, she was no longer bound. She had been holding onto too much for too long and finally got a release.

Pauletta H & Lee W

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