Swallowing Normalizes When Throat is Healed

September 18th – my birthday and our second day at Igreja do Evangelho Quadrangular Church in Sao Jose do Rio Preto in Brazil.  I do not belong to a church that gives Words of Knowledge.  However today I gave my second Word of Knowledge, which was for someone who had difficulty swallowing. A young girl came up saying the word was for her. During the interview I learned that she only had that problem for 2 days.  I prayed for healing, but it only got 15 percent better. Then I asked whether anything else happened 2 days ago. She said “Yes”. She had a fight with her grandmother and showed me some scratches on her neck which were done by her grandmother. She said to keep that fact confidential.  I asked if she forgave her grandmother, but she was hesitant to forgive her.  I didn’t ask for details, but said I could not pray for more healing unless she could forgive her grandmother.  She started crying.  I explained that we have been given grace and forgiveness from our Lord, and He wants us to give grace and forgiveness to others.  Did she believe that?  She said she did, and after a little time to think she said she would forgive her.  I had her repeat after me as I led her in a prayer of forgiveness.  Then I prayed again for her throat.  It was 50 percent better.  I asked if I could pray again, and after that prayer she coughed, then swallowed and it was 100 percent better. We gave thanks to God and hugged each other. It was a small healing, but significant to her and me.   – Judy, Retired

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