Taiwan – 26-Year-Old Woman Alcoholic

A 26-year-old woman asked for prayer. She was an alcoholic and was having affairs with married men. This began after her fiancé died in an accident. She has been in mental institutions battling alcoholism . I explained to her her real identity—that inside she really is perfect—I had the word “brilliant.” I explained that it was just the enemy which had entered after the trauma of her loved one’s death. I came against word curses and self curses, trauma and abandonment, critical spirit and spirit of death. I spoke in peace and love and acceptance and self-acceptance and belonging. I proclaimed her brilliance. I severed inappropriate relationships—I heard the words “I will provide a union of honor.” I proclaimed this over her life. I felt the Father say He would like her to rest from relationships for 6 months. I suggested this would help her to learn to love herself and the Father more so that she could appropriately love others. I prayed a blessing over her life, relationships, finances, etc. And then I gave an impartation for healing and prophecy. I also gave post-prayer advice on what to do if the
cravings returned or the desires came back. She was a new woman. She had come saying she could not live any longer like she was. She went away a new woman—20 minutes well spent with Jesus for a turnaround—I just love this.

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