Taiwan – Vocal Cord Paralysis Healing

Toward the end of service, a woman brought her daughter over for prayer. The daughter appeared to be in her late teens. She could not speak but her mother told us that she had recent thyroid surgery, resulting in damage to the nerves in the vocal cords. The result was bilateral vocal cord paralysis where she could now barely whisper. She could whisper for a short time but fatigued quickly, preventing her from speaking much more than a few words at a time. In the low neck was a horizontal scar.

After praying for her, we could hear her speak well above a whisper although it was soft and weak. We prayed more. After a few more minutes, she had sustainable strong speech which she could be heard above the loud music in the background. She and her mother were in tears. She was brought to the physicians in the conference who were there to verify healing and she could be seen speaking normally to them. ~Gary

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