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Taiwan – Feet Crippled by Arthritis

We prayed for a woman whose body, especially feet and hands, were badly crippled with arthritis.  She was in so much pain that we brought up a chair so that she wouldn’t have to stand during the prayer time.  As we began praying, both my team partner and I felt very strongly that there were some unresolved issues concerning bitterness and unforgiveness. 

We asked the translator to gently bring up that topic, and when she did, the woman burst into tears.  In a flood of Mandarin, she poured out a story of years of being hurt, wounded, and of the many, many people against whom she felt anger.  There followed a deep time of repenting, forgiving, letting go, and inner healing.  As this progressed, the pain in her feet began to leave.  After about 15 minutes, she could stand without pain, and her face had completely transformed – she wasn’t recognizable as the same person!  Her feet had been healed, though there was not yet any visible change in her hands.  We had to stop at that point, but I hope she will come back for more prayer tomorrow! ~Cynthia

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