Taiwan – Boy’s Lymph Nodes Shrink

During the Monday night meeting my prayer partner was Sweet.  We found a mother with a young boy…maybe age 5 or so.  She wanted prayer for both herself and her son.  The boy had enlarged lymph nodes and was constantly getting the flu, colds, sore throats, etc.  The doctor wanted to do surgery on the boy but she didn’t want him to have surgery.  So she brought him to the meeting to get healed.  She has only been a Christian for about a month.  We prayed for the boy and you could see the Holy Spirit on him.  There was also a lot of heat in my hands, on the boy’s neck and literally in the air.

After a short check we had the Mom check him and the lymph nodes (which both Sweet and I had felt) had shrunk to almost nothing.  We prayed again and they almost disappeared.  The mom then requested prayer for issues with her throat and Sweet felt like there were some generational issues that needed to be addressed.  She broke some things off the mom which the mom was happy about.  While Sweet was praying I received words of knowledge about emotional brokenness issues.  So I prayed into those…the mom wept and couldn’t believe we had addressed so many things that were actual issues for her.  She totally experienced the love of God.  Also, her throat radically improved as well. ~Linda
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