Taiwan – Completely Deaf in Right Ear

During the evening prayer for the sick, we found a woman who was completely deaf in her right ear. We prayed for her but we felt heat but she tested her ear and nothing had changed. We told her that we expected it to change because Jesus heals, so we were asking God if anything was blocking the healing. We then asked if she or anyone in her family was Buddhist or followed other religions. She said she followed Jesus, but most in her family did not.

We asked her if she was willing to repent on behalf of her family members, which she was willing to do. Then we declared that all assignments of the enemy were broken off of her. Then we commanded the ear to hear, and immediately she felt something happen. She tested the ear and said she could hear some, maybe ten percent. We kept on praying, and each time we prayed she could hear more. By the time worship started and we were told to sit down, she was up to maybe 60%. At the end of the night, just before we left, she found us, and flashing a big smile, told us that she could hear now with both ears equally well!

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