Taiwan – Hit by a Car

We prayed for a young woman in her 20’s. While she was on her scooter at a stop light, she had been hit by a car which resulted in three broken bones in her foot near the base of her first three toes. She had noticeable swelling and discoloration and a limited range of rotational motion as well as numbness across the top of her foot and down the outside edge of the foot. After we prayed, her pain decreased from a four to a one, and she said the numbness on the side of her foot was gone. With a second prayer, she felt all the numbness and pain leaving, and she moved her foot around with greater ease and no pain. We prayed again, and she said the numbness was totally gone. Her foot took on a healthy color, and the swelling was gone. She got up and put pressure on her foot, squatting and rotating the foot. She said all the pain was gone except when she was in a full squat.

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