Taiwan – Completely Blind from Birth

We prayed for a woman who was completely blind from birth for more than an hour, and she experienced a gradual clearing of the color of the left eye and an increase in the brightness of light seen by both eyes. She felt a lot of heat over her eyes during this time, and she could see shadows of objects with her left eye. Progress stopped, and we asked her if she was a Christian; she had been to church but had not accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior. She made a decision to receive Jesus, despite the fact that she had many idols that she worshipped. At first, she was reluctant to give the idols up, but she finally renounced them and prayed for forgiveness and then felt the peace of God come on her. We did not make any further progress with her vision, but she gained control over the movement of her eyes in one direction. We blessed what God had done and invited her back for the remaining days of the conference.

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