Taiwan – Inner Healing after Abortion

I prayed for a young woman who was weeping.  The translator said that her marriage was crumbling, that she had been separated 3 times.  She was crying and crying.  I hugged her for a while as she cried.  As I did, I felt that the Holy Spirit was putting the word REPENT into my head.  I told the translator that I felt the lady needed to repent of something, but that I wasn’t sure, and she should bring it up carefully. 

As soon as she did, the lady immediately told the translator that it was because she had had an abortion.  I led her through prayers of repentance, of healing, and deliverance from that trauma.  As I did, she began sobbing hard, and cried in my arms for a very long time.  Then we prayed for the Holy Spirit to fill her with peace and joy.  I asked the translator to explain to the lady that, since she had confessed, that God no longer remembered the event, and it was as though it never happened.  We prayed more filling prayers.  By the time we left, she was radiant and beaming, and filled with hope.  She told the translator that she had never told anyone before about the abortion. ~Cynthia
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