Taiwan – Mother, Knee Pain, Elbows and Back

One night we prayed for a woman with knee pain, elbow pain, and back pain. She said it was from carrying her daughter around who was 9 years old with muscular dystrophy and muscle atrophy. We prayed for her only a couple of times. She was completely healed, completely pain free. She said she hadn’t been able to kneel down next to her daughter for so long. We then prayed for her daughter. The rest of my team left but I really felt like I needed to stay a bit longer. So I just sat with her and talked to her, she said she knew she’d be healed; she wanted to be able to share of how Jesus had healed her. We hugged, held hands, and then the worship team started to play the song “Healer”.

I had always wanted to sing that over someone and see them healed so I just sang that over her, and we both sat there and worshipped together. Then I felt the Holy Spirit release me to continue praying for others and said I’d find her tomorrow. When I did find her the next day Randy was praying for her. Apparently he had prayed the night before too and she didn’t get to sleep until about 5 in the morning because her back was on fire. She could sit up more than she could the day before. After the conference there was a report that she has continued to improve. So it was such an honor that God used me in the beginning to just love her, and have some fun worshipping. It was so good to see how God works and to see the healing already in that girl. On the last night, I went back to say hi to her and her mum. Her mum wasn’t there– her mum was out in the crowd as part of the Taiwan ministry team

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