Taiwan – Pain in Chest and Shoulders from Kidnapping Leaves

The last lady we prayed for asked for prayer for two things:  30 years ago she had been kidnapped and during the ordeal injured both her shoulders.  She has had pain for all those 30 years.  Twenty years ago she was in a car accident.  She said there was a heaviness in her chest and she has had difficulty breathing (also painful) for the last twenty years.  She started weeping and we reassured her the Lord loved her.  I felt strongly that we needed to go after unforgiveness.  So I explained why forgiveness is important and how it might help bring the healing.

I also felt the need to ask more about the kidnapping and what exactly the kidnapper had done to her.  She broke down again and said that he had unleashed dogs against her and they had bitten her arms.  After sharing on forgiveness, I asked her if she was willing to both forgive her kidnapper and the person causing the accident.  She said “yes” so we had her repeat after us…she forgave all involved.  I also prayed in regard to the trauma and for inner healing (got very specific on things).  After praying I had her check her shoulders and asked about the breathing.  She was breathing much easier and also the pain in her shoulders was almost gone.   It was AMAZING what God did for her! ~Linda
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