Taiwan – Praying for People Around You

We were praying for people on the floor of the arena, and our translator asked us if we would go with her to look for her relative who was up in the stadium seats/rafters. We looked and looked for her relative to pray for her, but did not have any success finding her. We then decided to pray for the people around us.

We prayed for a woman’s back who began to feel heat as we prayed. We were so excited to see God working, moving and touching this woman. As our translator was talking with her about her improvement, we looked over to a Taiwanese girl clapping her hands in an elder woman’s ears. The elder woman has tears running down her face and she is joyful. The Taiwanese girl who was praying turns to us to tell us in English, “She has received her hearing!”

It was such a blessing to see that God’s presence was everywhere, touching not only the people onstage and in the front, but even the people in the rafters.

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