Taiwan – Rebecca in a Wheelchair, Touched by God

God’s Holy Spirit drew my eyes towards a young girl in a wheelchair. Rebecca is 8 years old and has come with her mother to receive healing. Rebecca is a sweet, sweet girl with a beautiful smile. Through the interpreter, I was told that Rebecca had a misaligned spine and was unable to move her arms and legs. She is also unable to swallow or breathe independently at night. When she sleeps, she is attached to a machine to help her breathe.

Together with the interpreter, I prayed for God’s healing to come upon Rebecca. Rebecca said that she could feel heat through her body when prayed for her. I also found out that Rebecca’s mother had separated from her husband a few years ago, which Rebecca had found very hard.

She very openly and maturely explained to me that she finds it hard to release her emotions, whether it’s to laugh or to cry. I then prayed for the release and casting out of any spirit of unforgiveness towards her parents over the separation. I also prayed for any spirit of guilt to flee in JESUS’s name, and for God’s Holy Spirit to fill Rebecca with His peace, love, joy and freedom. I also continued to pray for healing upon her body, for her spine to realign, throat muscles to work and for God’s healing love to flow through her to all parts in her body so that she could walk and run and play in the playground with her friends.

Following the prayer, I asked Rebecca to try something she could not do before. Rebecca then demonstrated that she now had control over her fingers, and she opened and closed her fingers around mine. Her mother confirmed that she could not do this before.

We gave thanks to JESUS her healer, and I encouraged Rebecca’s mother to continue to ask for a total healing as our God is love and that through his Holy Spirit, He will complete the healing of Rebecca’s body. Rebecca and her mother both attend a Christian church, and I was told that they would share the wonderful news with their friends at church, and continue to seek and receive God’s healing power.

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