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Taiwan – Woman with Eating Disorder Receives Freedom

When Heidi called people up to pray for salvation, I kept seeing one young girl that no one had prayed for.  She stood motionless with her eyes closed, and periodically she would let out a piercing scream (I’m sure you guys heard it!).  To me it was obvious that she was demonized.  I was finally able to get to her, and took her hands.  She opened her eyes, but it really did not seem like she could see me.  She screamed in my face, and closed her eyes again. 

I said something to her, and the same thing happened.  Then she just stood there, pale and shaking, her hands limp, and her eyes closed.  I remembered what the woman pastor who leads the Healing Team here in Taipei had said during our training time – that they will say, “in the name of Jesus, wake up!”  So I touched her head and said that.  Even though she did not speak English, she did wake up.  But she was unresponsive.

Then I got Siew-Lee to come and translate.  I prayed for the girl, commanded the demon to leave.  Periodically she would scream, and she said that she felt that the demon was in her stomach.  We prayed to find out what the “open door” was for the demon.  We came to realize that the girl had some eating issues, and was under a lot of condemnation and guilt about the issues.  We prayed for forgiveness, and released her.  Finally, after all that woundedness had been dealt with, I commanded the demon to leave again, and felt that it really did leave.  We prayed for the Holy Spirit to fill her up with peace, joy.  I asked her how she felt.  Her face broke into the first smile I had seen.  We hugged, and she seemed overjoyed.  The pain was gone, and the demon was gone.

In about ten minutes, a radiant young woman came bounding over energetically and hugged me. It took me a full minute to realize that this was the same young woman who had been pale, unresponsive, sad, and limp.  She was absolutely not recognizable as the same person.  She introduced me to her mother and sister, who both thanked me repeatedly for being used by Jesus to set her free. ~Cynthia

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