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Emotional Healing for a Young Woman

As we were in U.K. there was a young lady who came up for prayer.  She stated that she needed breakthrough in her mind.  Over the last several years she had been battling with depression.  While I was praying for her, with my eyes open,  I spoke some encouraging words over her and she started to cry.  I felt an impression that somehow this depression was connected to unforgiveness.

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Young Woman Experiences Hope and Inner Healing

There was a young woman who was maybe 20 years old that came up for prayer for drug addiction. She had poor eye contact, shoulders hunched forward, looked malnourished, and probably weighed about 85 lbs.  As soon as I saw her I felt God’s heart for her and started telling her how much He loves her.  She started sobbing as I spoke.

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Forgiveness Leads to Healing in Joints

A  lady by the name Georgia came forward. She had been diagnosed with hypothyroidism in the last  five years and was on medication. This condition brought her pain on her joints especially her left shoulder and the whole of her left arm. Her pain was chronic for the past three years and just getting worse to a point of having  sensations and no strength on the left arm and hand. I asked her to try to squeeze my hand with her left hand and it brought her to tears and she was shaking.

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Man Comes out of Hiding from God

This morning as Blaine invited the Holy Spirt and people started to get blasted I grabbed a guy who was not manifesting to catch for me. We had a lot of fun. We blasted about 15 or so folks. He also interpreted for me for an inner healing of a young man who desperately needed the Father’s love.

After things were winding down he said, “That was so amazing and powerful, but I am trembling".  I said let me pray for you. So I got a catcher and started praying. I began to prophesy over him that he had been hiding for a long time, but that God saw him and wanted him to come out of hiding. He started sobbing and went down crying deeply.  Finally he got up and told me he has been hiding for five years. He used to be a pastor but left the church burned out and discouraged.

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Three Women Experience Inner Healing

A young woman asked prayer for fear of having a relationship after breaking up with someone a while ago. She did repeat after me prayers repenting of any way she had partnered with fear. 

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