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More than a mission’s trip.

This is your chance to find a community that’s empowered and launched into greater faith. It’s quite possibly the best example of the Global Awakening community in action: International Ministry Trips. These trips are an opportunity to find spiritual family, to be activated in the unique giftings God has given you, and to take risks in your faith. There is a cost to an experience like this, but the benefits our trip members experience always outweigh the cost of time and money. Time after time we hear from trip members that this is when they began to see miracles happen…that everything changed after their Trips experience.
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“When someone asks me how to get on the fast-track for healing, I tell them, ‘Go on a ministry trip with Randy Clark’.”
Bill Johnson


We only want to go where God is calling us. Therefore our criteria in choosing Trip destinations is based around several factors:

  • Where is God moving? We look for places where God is using us and others to advance His Kingdom, so that we can partner with Him.
  • Where is the door open? We look for relationships for the long term in the regions we visit. We want to see the local believers encouraged and built up.
  • Safety of the team. It is important to us that our team members are safe, able to sleep in comfortable beds, and have good food to eat.
  • Manageable costs. Our trips are all-inclusive (meals, lodging, in-country travel, itinerary), which allows us to keep overall expenses low.
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2021 Trips

Schedule subject to change
September 9 - September 21

Brazil. Trip Speakers: Dr. Randy Clark, Brian Starley, and Carter Wood. Estimated prices for US travelers starting at $3,499.

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October 4 - October 12

Sao Jose Campos Dos, Brazil. VOA Brazil. Trip Speakers: Dr. Randy Clark, Bill Johnson, William Wood, Joanne Moody, and MORE. Estimated expenses for US travelers starting at $3,099

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November 1 - November 8

Medellin, Colombia. Trip Speakers: Charity Cook and Justin Allen. Estimated expenses for US Travelers starting at $2,699

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November 6 - November 17

Maputo, Mozambique. Trip Speaker: TBD. Estimated expenses for US Travelers starting at $3,199

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December 6 - December 14

Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Trip Speakers: Dr Randy Clark, Dr Tom Jones, and Rodney Hogue. Estimated expenses for US Travelers starting at $3,199

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2022 Trips

Schedule Subject to Change
January 3 - January 11

Sao Paulo, Brazil. Trip Speaker:  Dr. Kim Maas. Estimated expenses starting at $3,099

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February 3 - February 13

Sea of Galilee/Jerusalem, Israel. Tour through the Holy Land. Trip Speakers:  Dr. Randy Clark. Dr. Tom Jones, and MORE. Estimated expenses starting at $3,199.

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March 14 - March 22

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Trip Speakers:  Kim Maas and Chuck McCallum.  Estimated expenses starting at $3,099

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There’s nothing like a Global Awakening international trip.
  • Receive impartation and daily teaching from seasoned leaders.
  • Step out into new realms of faith every day alongside new friends.
  • Experience a new culture without having to worry about finding meals, lodging, and transportation.
  • Make new life-long friendships through laughing, crying, receiving, and giving together.

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