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Abdomen Pain, Herniated Lumbar, and Sciatica Completely Healed in Minutes

I prayed for a young lady who was having pain in the lower right abdomen for about two months. Pain would come and go. She was experiencing the pain since the morning and it sounded like it was her appendix. I prayed once and she reported a sensation of heat but was still in pain. I prayed again and she was 100% healed!

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Love Heals the Pain

I prayed for a young mother with severe neck pain, limited mobility and lumbar pain. Her lumbar pain was healed first and fairly quickly. After prayer, she gained mobility in her neck and was able to turn her head. Prior to that, I had her turn her head seven times as an act of faith. Her pain went from an 8 to a 3.

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Obedience Brings Healing to Woman's Spine

After service, on my way for snacks, a young female staff person was standing in the doorway sobbing. I didn’t know if someone had already prayed with her that she was emotional or what. So I just lightly touched her, walked through the doorway, and heard the Father say, “Are you walking past her and leaving my daughter in pain?” 

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