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Hope Restored and Joy Comes with Healing

A young man came up name Wellington. He was struggling with some emotional issues related to loss, depression, anxiety, and emptiness. He was feeling lost and pulled away from Jesus in the midst of his pain. I prayed for healing and comfort over his heart and mind. And, I prayed for the Holy Spirit to come and fill the emptiness he felt in a new way. I also broke off a spirit of fear and doubt. As I finished praying, joy spread over his face and he was tearing up. He said he felt something lift off and felt very light and at peace. As we talked a little more, I asked if he wanted to rededicate his life to Christ. He said, “Yes.” I led him through a prayer. At the end, I could sense the Holy Spirit was with him and restoring hope.

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Pain from Lumps in Breasts Goes!

A woman asked for prayer who had been diagnosed with lumps/cysts in her breasts. These caused tremendous pain. When I prayed she felt a lot of heat and started shaking. I prayed again and she said all the pain left. She will have to go back to the doctor to confirm if the lumps were gone. – Nancy, Production Control Manager

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First Time Preaching Brings Salvations & Healings

I preached my first sermon (July 11). I preached about what it means to surrender all and become a disciple of Jesus. God had completely changed my message. I did an altar call for those who wanted to be disciples of Jesus. 

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Brazil - Woman Feels Heat in her Breast

A woman with back pain was scheduled for surgery and also had two lumps in her breast. We prayed for healing. She felt fire in her breast where the lumps were, the back pain was gone. Peace flooded her as she experienced this fire and relief.

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