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Extreme Ovarian Pain Leaves; Joy Resides

I had been given a word of knowledge for cancer of the blood.  I noticed a man who had been sitting with a woman that appeared to be quite moved in the spirit.  He kept pointing at me and the moment Randy released them to come forward for prayer, he guided her to me.  He shared through the translator, once again DJ, that she had ovarian cancer.   

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Ovary Pain Gone! Breathing Improves!

We were asked for words of knowledge on stage. I had not had one before, so I had never given one. As we were on stage, the word ‘Infertility’ kept coming to me. The first to come up for prayer was a woman in her early 20’s. She had a tumor in her left ovary. She was a Bible student. 

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Young Woman Set Free From Words Spoken by Masseur

A 25-year-old woman had experienced lower back pain for two years. At that time, she worked in a hospital. When I began to pray for her, the pain got worse. The more I prayed, the worse it got. 

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Ovarian Pain Flees as Destiny Is Revealed

A young lady, age 19, asked for prayer regarding pain in her ovaries that she has had for about a year. The doctor had not yet determined the cause. She also asked for prayer to discern if the Lord wanted her to be involved in healing ministry.

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