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Woman with Cataracts Healed

I prayed for a middle aged woman who had cataracts, which impaired her vision so that she could not see the worship screens. After prayer, she reported her vision was improved, but “not all the way.” The cataracts were commanded to leave in Jesus’ name. I prayed a second time and she continued to report improvement. After the third time, she began to cry, because she could read the words on the worship screen. Her faith was strong and she left for the evening, praising our Heavenly Father. - Judith, Psychologist

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Man Receives His Sight Back and Reads the Bible

We were walking around visiting families and children within the village while on the bush bush outreach and we came across an older gentleman in his 60s who had cataracts. The cataracts had gotten so bad that he wasn’t able to see. We began praying for him and after praying for him twice, he could completely see. He has never been able to read. After praying for him, he would read and was so hungry for the Word! We gave him a Bible and he was beaming and smiling ear to ear. He proudly wrote his name in the Bible and asked us to give him a Bible verse for him to start reading.

Natalie, Staffing Associate

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Word of Knowledge Brings Healing to Cataracts

The Lord gave me the word of knowledge of cataracts. Randy received a similar word and many were healed before we laid hands on them. As a result, I doubted my word, but I still gave it. For the first five minutes, no one came to me. Then a woman named Aprecida came and she had cataracts. I prayed and commanded them to be healed in Jesus’ name. After that, her eyes were healed. 

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Woman Healed of Hernia in Back & Neck & Cataracts


Last night we ministered at a church in Brazil. The Lord answered my hearts request and I saw him touch and love upon many people. He used me to bless a woman who had a hernia in her neck just below the skull. She not only got healed but also received her movement back. Then we prayed for a cataract in her left eye. (She was already scheduled to have it surgically removed.) Before we started she could not see people’s faces that stood before her. It was like looking through water at them. 


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Cataracts Go as Eyesight Healed


A woman names Mercedes came for prayer for cataracts in her eyes.  She had been experiencing deteriorating sight for the past year and the doctor had confirmed that she would need an operation.  At the time she could see people when they were 20 feet away, but they were not recognizable - she couldn't see faces or features at that distance.  We prayed once and then checked. There was no change.  We prayed again and this time she could begin to see some basic features in people's faces – the shape of their hair around their face and where their eyes were.  We prayed again.


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