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4 Years of Pain Gone in an Instant

Alfonso came forward for healing in his lower back.  He had an accident 4 years ago and has been in constant pain ever since with little mobility.  His doctor said surgery was necessary but he could die from it.  I prayed for him and he felt heat in that specific area of his back.  I prayed more, and then asked him to do something he had not done before.  He was scared.  I told Alfonso to go slowly.

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Lower Back Pain Healed

I had two women with lower back pain ask for prayer and so I prayed for both at the same time and asked the Holy Spirit to come. I asked Jesus to heal them and asked if either of them was feeling God touch them. One of them answered yes. I asked the other woman to wait a moment. She tested out and was 50% better. I prayed again and it got even better. Eventually it was 90% better then 100% better!

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Woman's Neck, Hip & Back Healed & Leg Grows out

In the Copenhagen church, Maryann came for prayer in response to a word of knowledge for neck pain. As I interviewed her I also learned there was pain in her hips and lower back. 

Categories: Testimonies, UK Denmark 2017 Tags: Hip Pain, Legs Different Lengths, Lower Back Pain, Neck Pain, Word of Knowledge


Multiple Healings

Evening service, 9 year old boy – appeared to be healed of asthma that he had for 5-6 years.  Twenty year old man 90% improvement of right forearm pain from a volleyball injury. He previously could not make a fist without pain. Maria approximately age 50 healed of a 3 year history of leg pain causing her to not sleep at night. She was slain in the Spirit. 

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Lower Back Pain and Pain in Legs Healed!

A lady, who had lower back pain, approached me. She could not bend her body past an eighty degree angle. I prayed once for healing and all pain to leave. I re-interviewed and some of the pain had left.

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