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Breaking Curse Loosens Knee, Swelling Leaves!

I prayed for Isaiah for a long time. He had a locked knee that would not bend or straighten. He told me that his preacher had told him a witch must have placed a curse on him which locked his knee. 

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Tumor and Lumps Disappear

The last person I prayed for was a guy who had the lump (tumor) in his right arm. He not only had a lump but he pushed back his skin to show me he also had 6 more lumps on his upper arm. The only lump you could see was the ones he was showing me. I felt led to ask him how long he had the lumps; he said 4 years. 

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Repentance Breaks Agreement with "Curse", Body Is Blessed, All Pain Goes!

I prayed for a woman named Bianca, 39 years old who had had problems with her ovaries and had been in constant pain since age 15. According to the doctors, it was not endometriosis. I prayed several times and the pain decreased a little.

Categories: Testimonies, October GSSM Brazil 2016 Tags: Breaking Curse, Pain in Ovariers, Repentance


Abdominal Pain for Three Years Healed after Forgiveness

I prayed with a lady who was experiencing severe abdominal pain for about three years. She said that she was holding unforgiveness in her heart. She also said that apparently someone had spoken negative words over her and cursed her.

Categories: Testimonies, Nigeria 2016 Tags: Abdominal Pain, Breaking Curse, Forgiveness Issues


When Holy Spirit Leads, Curse is Broken, Healing Happens!

A woman asked for prayer for her shoulder. She had good range of motion but had pain every time she tried to pick something up. I prayed once and commanded pain to go. There was no change.

Categories: Testimonies, March Brazil 2016 Tags: Breaking Curse, Shoulder Pain