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Back & Hip Pain Goes. Effects of Witchcraft Broken!

At ‘Vida Nova”/”New Life” church, I gave a word of knowledge for “Pain in back and hips relating to uneven length of legs”. In my prayer line, I prayed for two persons with pain in back and hips, without them knowing if any leg was shorter than the other. They were both healed.

Then a young lady, whose name was ‘Paula’, came and reported severe pain in her back and hips and one leg was shorter than the other. 

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Deliverance and Healing Come for Woman with Severe Acid Relux

A woman named Nemo had severe acid reflux and was in pain. When we prayed in the Holy Spirit I asked him to completely fill her body and for Jesus to come bring peace. I asked if there had been witchcraft in her family and she said yes. She asked for forgiveness and repented from her sin. The stomach pain left, but then returned and was causing pain. We continued to ask God to fill her and for Jesus to heal her stomach and esophagus. Things would get better then back to pain. Father showed us there was a spirit that was in her abdomen. We commanded the spirit to come out and pain to be removed. It took some time, but she was healed and delivered. We asked God to give her a peaceful sleep.

– Jed 

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Breaking Curse Loosens Knee, Swelling Leaves!

I prayed for Isaiah for a long time. He had a locked knee that would not bend or straighten. He told me that his preacher had told him a witch must have placed a curse on him which locked his knee. 

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Deliverance Brings Freedom for Woman

A woman by the name of Sue asked for prayer for deliverance. Demons have been harassing her even during her prayer time every day. I cast out the spirit of witchcraft and she manifested by spitting, gagging, etc. The witchcraft was gone. She sat up and was free. – Ginny

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Asthma Healed After Spirit of Witchcraft Goes!

At Four Square Church, a lady in her early forties came up to me asking for prayer. I didn’t have an interpreter, but God told me to go find one with her. So, we walked around and found one named Susan. Susan interviewed the lady for me and said she was having trouble breathing. Her chest was tight. She said that she had it for two years. I told her a spirit of allergy and the spirit of inflammation to leave. As I was praying she began to cough.

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