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Strongholds Removed; Stomach Healed!

A woman in her early 40s came forward with stomach pain that had been there for months. She whispered about addictions too. We began to pray for stomach pain, but I sensed that the thing she really wanted was freedom from her addiction.

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Young Man Delivered & Saved

We were visiting a smaller, outlying church where we gave words of knowledge. I experimented with adding a number to it for the first time and it was accurate! The number was seven and the word was for pain in a specific finger! I was so encouraged but that was only the beginning!

When ministry time came I had no interpreter, so I just started praying for people. I couldn’t interview anyone to see if they were healed! I decided to trust that Holy Spirit knew what the people needed whether I did or not. I started laughing at the devil as I prayed, and people were falling out in the Spirit all around me.

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Addiction Broken Off

During the evening service a lady about 20 years old was dealing with an addiction that she did not want to name. I asked if she had claimed Jesus as her Lord and Savior and she said,” Yes.” I explained to her that Jesus knew what the addiction was and that He had all authority on heaven and earth.

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