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Shoulder Pain Goes

A young Asian woman, Roxanne, in her early twenties had shoulder pain at a level of 7, and after prayer it was O. She had pain in her throat and it went down significantly. I saw her again several hours later and she wanted prayer for sinuses. The Lord opened them up and we prayed that she would be desensitized to the allergens that affected her. We pray no more allergies. - Ginny

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Lifelong Allergies Healed

I prayed four times for a young man who couldn't breathe out of his nose well because of lifelong allergies. After the fourth time, his nose opened up and he could breathe clearly. – Brent

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Mother Healed 100% of Asthma, Daughter Healed 80% of Infection

Last night as we were praying for a mother and daughter who had come up for prayer. The mother indicated that she was having asthma and allergy problems. Her chest and lungs were tight and she was having trouble actually breathing. 

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Pain & Tormenting Spirit Leave; Generational Curses Broken

I prayed for Amelia who had multiple problems. She had back and neck pain and also allergies (smell of rubber and most food). I told her I would pray for one problem at a time. I laid hand on her neck and commanded the pain and tormenting spirit to leave.

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Brazil - Throat Assuaged

A woman who was having throat problems and allergies needed prayer, God showed me she had a ministry and gift of prophesy. Her throat problems had been stopping her words. I prayed for that to leave and she felt better and cried. It touched her heart. ~Kelly

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