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Pain From Cancer Goes and Tumor Shrinks

We were out doing street ministry and we prayed for a lady on the street who came up after Jesus had just healed another lady with leg pain. This woman said she had breast cancer. We prayed for her and after we prayed she had no more pain and couldn't feel the tumor anymore.

-Jon, Doctor

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Tumor Shrinks, Breast Cancer Leaves!

I had a word of knowledge after Randy Clark asked us to release one and God gave me "breast cancer." The first lady approached me who had breast cancer and I prayed with her. After finishing praying, a second lady approached. 

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Four Women Healed of Breast Cancer

I had a word of knowledge for breast pain. Four women came up for prayer. The first one, Sylviana, had breast surgery and cancer treatments. She had also had a recent car accident causing pain in her shoulder, hip and back. She said since the car accident the breast pain had come back.

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Breast Cancer Goes, Back Pain Goes After Prayer!

A young woman came for prayer. She said that she had a cancer in her breast, and she also had a cancer in her blood. She had a strong pain her back. When I asked if there was something she was not able to do, she said that she was not able to bend down.

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All Pain Goes Bringing Healing of Multiple Issues

An older woman came up for prayer. She had breast cancer and had her right breast removed. Her right arm hurt from the surgery. She felt heaviness and had a limited range of motion.

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