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Brain Tumor Shrinks After Several Prayers

A young man came right up to me twice for prayer for a brain tumor located at the base of his brain. The tumor was causing a cloud to cover his vision. 

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Leg Pain Ceases & Cloudy Vision Clears

The sister of the young man who was translating for me wanted prayer for her eyes and legs. Her vision was cloudy and she had severe pain in her legs. The Lord revealed to me that she had a broken heart as well. 

Categories: Testimonies, Columbia 2014, Emotional, Physical Tags: Cloudy Vision, Leg Pain


September Brazil 2013 - Forgiveness Brings Healing

A woman in her sixties with cloudiness in her right eye for the last three years came for prayer. She could not read my name on my name badge held four inches from the eye. She was able to read the same size letters from four feet away with her left eye. The blurriness began about the time her husband had beaten her, breaking her left arm.

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