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Emotional Issues Healed

A middle aged woman with pain near heart and a headache had this pain for 2 days. I prayed for her heart first, and she said pain in heart was gone. I prayed for her headache and she said the pain was completely gone in both heart and head. Another middle age lady had a headache for a long time. I prayed for her and she said she was completely healed. I said begin to praise Jesus; she began to praise Him and fell out. 

Categories: Testimonies, December Brazil 2016 Tags: Emotional Issues, Headache, Heart Pain, Nearsighted, Pain Right Leg


Fibromyalgia Healed

I prayed for a lady who had fibromyalgia and was in constant pain. Using my Interpreter I do not remember how long she said she had it. Her pain level was a 10 when she came up for prayer. 

Categories: Testimonies, December Brazil 2016 Tags: Emotional Issues, Fibromyalgia, Stress


Deep Wounds Healed in Young Woman

We went to a Guyanese church on Sunday night. Carter Woods had us all give a word of knowledge from the platform and he also did an altar call. As people came forward I noticed a woman about 20 years old come forward and even a after the salvation prayer was prayed I really felt like the Spirit of God wanted to do more. As the service moved on there were other flows and impartations to others and I forgot about it.

Categories: Testimonies, Sept Brazil 2014 Tags: Emotional Issues, Salvation


Hurting Young Man Finds Love, Peace & Salvation

A partially deaf young man, Jorge, was hurting emotionally and wanted prayer. I prayed and he felt the love and peace of God. I asked him about receiving God's love. I explained about sin.

Categories: Testimonies, London 2014 Tags: Emotional Issues, Forgiveness, Salvation


Set Free to Minister, Prophesy

My whole life I have always been quiet. I speak soft, so I get talked over a lot. Many times people I am around are very quick on their feet when it comes to thinking, talking and praying. Over the last few years I knew I was not operating from the person God created me to be because my thoughts and my voice were shut down.

Categories: Testimonies, Mozambique - November 2013 Tags: Bondages Broken, Emotional Issues, Prophetic, Salvation

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