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Becoming Whole in Soul and Body

Marcos, male, approximately 30 years old, responded to a word of knowledge, “Hodgkin’s Lymphoma” and HIV.  He approached me for prayer in response to the work of knowledge.  As I interviewed him, he shared a number of very personal things that involved unforgiveness, anger, bitterness, and resentment.  He is born again and has repented of lifestyle issues that lead to this illness.  He has forgiven those who hurt and judged him, including the church and his mother for trying to abort him.  

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Couple with Conception Issues Receive from Holy Spirit!

A husband and wife came for prayer so they could conceive. They had been trying for a year. The wife shared that she was HIV positive before they married and was afraid that her husband had contracted it as well. 

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Brazil - Hip/Back/Neck, Breathing Problems, HIV

"A very tall man came to us; we had no interpreter and could not tell exactly what was wrong. It was his hip/back area. So another person and I prayed for him when we finished, he broke out in prayer, I don’t know if it was Portuguese, tongues or what. When he finished he opened his eyes, looked at me, thumbs up and smiled the biggest smile. It was a smile I will always remember. He then gave me a big hug. Daryl and I were headed up the aisle of the auditorium. I was looking for people who might want prayer. I saw a man and woman sitting there, (mother and son), I asked the women if she would like prayer. Her son, who could speak English, said yes, his mother had a breathing problem; she had gone to the doctor and received medication. It was improved. She wanted total healing; I prayed for her and she said she was better. Her son then said he needed prayer. He said he had turned away from the Lord for several years. In 2006, he had returned to the Lord, he had just found out that he had HIV. He then prayed a heartfelt prayer that expressed total repentance and a commitment to the Lord. Daryl prayed that his blood be purified, that the virus be flushed out of his system and his body be restored to perfect health. We blessed them with perfect health and long life. I suggested that they both stand on Psalms 91:16. A woman came to us with nodules in her neck. She had had several of them, had prayer previously and several had disappeared. There two or three remaining. I prayed for her, I commanded that that the nodules shrink; I cursed the roots and commanded them to leave her body. I then prayed that any damage done be restored. She felt heat in her neck and the nodules were gone."


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