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Hearing Restored

Karina, 32, reported that she wanted prayer for her ears. She had only 14% hearing in each ear since birth. Cupping my hands gently over Karina’s ears, I prayed that her hearing would be normal in Jesus’ name and then checked to see if there was improvement. She indicated that there was a little improvement. I gave thanks for what the Lord was doing. The second time I prayed that the Holy Spirit would put everything into its proper function within Karina’s ears, to open them and give her normal hearing in Jesus’ name. Suddenly, I felt a rush of air against each of my hands, pushing them away. 

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Elderly Man’s Hearing Restored!

An elderly lady took my hand and ushered me to her husband. An interpreter told me her husband was very hard of hearing and she wanted him prayed for. I asked him if he desired prayer and he replied yes. There was not a problem with unforgiveness. I began to ask the Holy Spirit to come in and fill him with peace and comfort. Then I asked Jesus to heal his hearing. We continued to pray and then I asked him if he could hear. He said yes but not a great deal. We continued to give Jesus time to work, asking him to heal and repair anything necessary to complete the healing. In the end His hearing improved a great amount. He could hear us snap our fingers from about four feet behind and began crying. What a victory! We praised God and Jesus Christ for being so good to us.

– Jed 

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Hearing Loss Healed

A man who received prayer for hearing in his left ear a few days before, walked up to me. He said he had regained 20% of his hearing when he was first prayed for, but wanted more prayer so that he could have all of his hearing restored. We prayed for him and it was restored to 40%.

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Young Man's Hearing Restored & Speech Begins!

We witnessed Heidi praying over a young man that was healed of deafness and witnessed her teaching him and the necessary love follow-up with the family. What a learning lesson!

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