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Man Has Kidneys & Circulatiton Restored!

A man who had kidney and circulation problems came to me at the front of the church. He explained his problems and I had asked if I may pray for him twice, once for his circulation and the other for his kidneys.

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Little Girl's Kidneys Healed!

A woman came up with her three-year-old daughter to ask for healing. The daughter had had a urinary tract infection last year that damaged her kidneys and she was to have surgery.

Categories: Testimonies, Sept Brazil 2014, Physical Tags: Kidney Issues


Woman Walks on Her Own After 5 Years of Multiple Issues

A woman came with the assistance of a walker. Before she came, she had been in intensive care for some time.

Tags: Back Pain, Hernia, Kidney Issues, Knee pain, Leg Pain


Taiwan - Hearing Completely Restored

 A man came for prayer who was an atheist with deaf ears and had some kidney issues which made him go to the bathroom very frequently. He wanted me to pray for this problem first. To my surprise, the Holy Spirit quickly declared "it is finished." I told the man Jesus already healed him there. "Let's pray for your ears." I commanded the ears to hear and snapped my fingers next to his ears.

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