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Woman's Neck, Hip & Back Healed & Leg Grows out

In the Copenhagen church, Maryann came for prayer in response to a word of knowledge for neck pain. As I interviewed her I also learned there was pain in her hips and lower back. 

Categories: Testimonies, UK Denmark 2017, Physical Tags: Hip Pain, Legs Different Lengths, Lower Back Pain, Neck Pain, Word of Knowledge


Leg Grows out Almost Two Inches, Neck Pain & Tension in Back Are Healed!

A woman from Cambodia with neck pain and tension in her upper back came for prayer. She used to deliver Bibles that she carried on her back. I asked her to sit back in her chair so I could check to see if her legs were even.

Categories: Testimonies, Thailand, Singapore 2016, Physical Tags: Leg Muscles Stretch, Legs Different Lengths, Neck Pain, Upper Back Tension


Woman's Leg Grows Out, Back & Hearing Healed!

A Thai woman with back pain and hearing issues came for prayer. She was wearing two hearing aids. I asked if we could check her legs first to see if the back pain was due to unequal leg lengths.

Categories: Testimonies, Thailand, Singapore 2016, Physical Tags: Back Pain, Deafness Healed, Legs Different Lengths


Birth Defects Corrected By Prayer!

I prayed for a lady who was born with a birth defect from the waist down. Her right leg was an inch and a half longer than the other and her lower spine was twisted. 

Categories: Testimonies, October 2015 GSSM Brazil , Physical Tags: Back Pain, Birth Defects, Legs Different Lengths