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Breast & Arm Pain Go! Sense of Smell & Taste Restored!

Jenny came forward after a word of knowledge regarding breast pain. She had bad pain in her left breast and all down her left arm. She also had no sensation of smell or taste following an operation two years before. Following several commands, the breast and arm pain left completely. Then I prayed for the taste and smell to return. She could smell the peanuts that I held out and could taste a raisin that I gave her. She was overcome and went into floods of joyful tears. - Helen

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Sense of Smell Restored, Sciatica Healed!

A woman named Victoria came for prayer. She had lost her sense of smell about four years ago from pesticides in her yard. She also had pain from her hip all down her leg to her little toe on the left side.

Categories: Testimonies, Nigeria 2016, Physical Tags: Foot Pain, Hip Pain, Leg Pain, Loss of sense of smell, Sciatic Nerve Pain, Toe Pain


Scoliosis Healed & Sense of Smell Restored!

On the bus ride to the church I received a word of knowledge:  Scoliosis, or curvature of the spine. Later a little over half way through our ministry time, a husband and wife came to me.  

Categories: Testimonies, September 2015 Brazil, Physical Tags: Loss of sense of smell, Scoliosis


18 Years of Addiction Broken, Sense of Smell Restored & New Lungs Created

A young man, Jorge, came and wanted his drug addiction to stop. He had been using cocaine for 18 years. He had heard the testimony on Wednesday from Jo and he wanted that. Through the interpreter I found out he had had no sense of smell for 18 years.

Categories: Testimonies, December 2014 Brazil, Physical Tags: drug addiction, Loss of sense of smell, Lung Issues