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Lung Pain from Cancer Departs

Matt and I were enjoying worship. One of the interpreters came up to Matt and asked if he could pray for a man with lung cancer who had to depart the meeting early. We interviewed the man and began to pray for him. The man stated he had excruciating pain at a 10/10. Matt cursed the pain and then we re-interviewed him. He was feeling better.

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Great-grandmother's Healing Opens Door for Ten to be Saved

Our team went out for evangelism with some Brazilian believers to the favelas (the slums/poor area) in their church neighborhood. As we walked and ministered to people in the streets, we were welcomed into one home. There were four generations of family living there together. 

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Brazil - Pain in Lungs Soothed

I prayed for a lady with respiratory problems. She had difficulty breathing and pain on her left side in the lung area. I prayed once and it was better. I prayed again and she could take deep breaths and was pain free. 100%! ~Barbara

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Brazil - Neck, Lung, and Foot Pain Healed

"Rachel had pain in her left side and in her back. After prayer, the pain left completely. A man had pain in his right lung. The pain left completely after some prayer. Louisa had pain in her left side. 90% healed. Prayed some more and she was filled with the Holy Spirit and fell down on the floor. Louis had pain in his right foot. The pain left 100% after prayer."


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Nepal/India 2011: Lung Pain

Lung Pain Cured!

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