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Taiwan - Full Mobility Returns to Hand

I prayed for a lady who had a stroke. Her left hand was numb and she could not close her hand. Her hand had no strength. We prayed for a creative miracle. For new call to replace these damaged or destroyed. As we prayed she said it was becoming more numb. We prayed again that the new brain cells would send the proper signal to the hand. She said again it is getting more numb. 

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Brazil - Feeling Returns after Two Strokes

I was helping Paul, translating, and we prayed for a lady who had two strokes and her left side was totally numb. We prayed for a few minutes and she began to feel her hand and her leg and foot. She was totally healed (she could feel again). And then she told us that she twisted her ankle and she was feeling pain. We prayed and the pain was gone. ~Dulce

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Brazil - Constant Headaches and Numbness Leaves

I prayed for a lady who had had surgery on her right temple and as a result had constant headaches and was numb from her chest to the top of her legs. I prayed 'come holy spirit', prayed for peace over her whole body. I asked that God would restore her body to normal and commanded all pain and headache gone now in the name of Jesus. She opened her eyes and you could see she had no more pain and she started to pat herself down and said she could feel everything. Praise Jesus! ~Joe

Categories: Testimonies, Brazil - September 2012, Physical Tags: Headaches, Numbness