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Three Women Leave Pain Free after Prayer!

A young woman came to me in response to my word of knowledge (pain in right ankle). She had just responded to the salvation altar call a few minutes earlier so receiving 100% healing after a short commanding prayer was a big deal to her.

Categories: Testimonies, Guyana 2017, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical Tags: Ankle Pain, Back Pain, Knee pain, Oppression


Young Pastor Given New Hope

This morning there was a ministers and pastors meeting. I prayed with the help of Carlos, a Interpreter. We prayed with a young pastor, who felt like giving up. He felt frustrated, inadequate and confused.

Categories: Testimonies, December Brazil 2016, Emotional, Spiritual Tags: Broke off Lies, Oppression


Cluster Migraines Healed!

Blaine asked me to pray for a young woman in her early 20’s who had had headaches on and off for many years. Her medicine was no longer helping the pain and she had an appointment the following week with her doctor.

Categories: Testimonies, March Brazil 2015, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical Tags: Anxiety, Cluster Migraines, Depression, Oppression, Stress


Sisters Set Free From Tormenting & Afflicting Spirits

Rocio and Lucinez were sisters who were having pain in their backs and chests and suffered from oppression, depression and suicidal thoughts. When I prayed for them one at a time, demons manifested.

Categories: Testimonies, Columbia 2014, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical Tags: Back Pain, Chest Pain, Deliverance, Depression, Oppression, suicidal thoughts


Closing Spiritual Doors & Rededication Set Captive Free

I prayed for a lady who was feeling oppressed and anxious. This feeling in her chest had been there for about a week. She had converted from Buddhism but had not cut her ties with that religion or the occult. 

Categories: Testimonies, Sri Lanka 2014, Emotional, Spiritual Tags: Anxiety, Cutting Soul Ties, Depression, Oppression

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