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Prayer for Peace


Hos Angela, a middle-aged woman, wanted a prayer for peace. She said she felt a little peace after I asked the second time. I asked her if she spoke in tongues and she answered no. She said she would like to receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost. We prayed and she tried to speak in tongues in a very cautious way. 


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Peace Comes to Woman after Prophetic Words Spoken & Prayer

The day before Viento Fresco volunteers went to invite people of the neighborhood and local businesses to come if they wanted to receive prayer. After praying for several from the businesses, a group of neighbors were brought in to receive prayer.

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Germany 2013 - Spiritual Healing

May 3, 2013

A young woman came with problems with her sinus passages closing up or filling with mucus, making it hard to breathe through her nose. The doctors told her it was probably a temporary condition, connected with her being pregnant. She was worried about the effect of the decongestant medication on her baby in the womb. When we prayed, she started shaking and felt peace and God's presence. -- Scott

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Sweden/England - God's Love & Peace Fall

I joined a number of team members during worship to pray for a young man profoundly disabled in wheelchair and for his young wife/caregiver. 

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Brazil - Woman mother Singing to her

I prayed for a lady and then asked her if she sensed anything. She said she felt peace. I said, good, that is God. Then I asked if there was anything else. She said, “While you were praying I heard my mother singing to me…her mother had passed away! I told her I was singing in English, but God had her hear her mother in Portuguese!

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