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Ankle Restored After a Prayer of Forgiveness

I prayed for a lady in her 20’s. She had had an accident one year ago and tripped on her ankle and had six months of inability to stand on it fully. She can now walk but can't plant or flex her ankle without pain.

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Brazil - Arm Pain, Range of Motion, Hearing Loss Healed

"I prayed for a man with reduced movement in his arm, causing pain when he lifted his arm straight up. He also had pain when moving his right knee. Prayed several times, tested movement and he was completely healed. In praying for words of knowledge, I saw a right ear. Then I asked the Lord about the condition and I saw a scale. Half of the scale was black and half was white. This meant 50% hearing loss. Several people responded to the work and an elderly woman was instantly healed. Praise The Lord."


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