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Salvation Comes to Woman

When we were on outreach, Heidi sent us out into the village with Mozambican teams. Our leader asked us to stay at a particular house and just focus on loving and praying for them. 

Categories: Testimonies, November Mozambique 2016, Spiritual Tags: Sadness, Salvation


Woman Crippled by Stroke Healed & Given New “’Pep’ in Her Step”!

During The Awakening Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, our team had the honor of serving in their healing room during the 5pm – 7pm break. On Friday evening, Linda and I sat across from a lady in her late 60’s who had a look of despair and hopelessness. We asked several questions to find out what she would like prayer for.

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Brazil - Sadness Gone

"A mother brought her daughter (approx. 5 yrs. old) to me, and asked me to pray for the child, that she was always sad. I hugged the child and prayed for her. The girl jumped into my arms, I loved on her, begin to spin her and play with her………she received the Holy laughter. She told the interpreter she was not sad anymore….it was all gone."


Categories: Brazil - September 2011, Emotional Tags: Depression, holy laughter, sadness