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Deliverance of Young Girl Brings Salvation

Three weeks ago on June 15, I woke up with a strong sense that a girl named Victoria who was 10-years old was being attacked by a spirit of assassination/murder. I prayed at the time, but had no clue if this was a real person or if this was just in my head. 

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Early Morning Miracles

In the morning while our team was on outreach in the bush, I was sitting in front of the house reading my Bible when I saw a woman complain about her shoulder being in pain. I asked if she wanted prayer, and then a friend and I prayed for her shoulder. After asking her to test it out, she told me it felt completely better. Another woman was watching us and also asked for prayer for malaria. She said she felt better after we prayed (my translator and I). Then another woman asked for prayer because she had pain in her chest. We prayed a couple times because the first time we prayed, the pain left her chest and went into her back. We commanded the demons to leave and she felt better. Then, because I felt the Holy Spirit prompting me, I asked her if she wanted to accept Jesus as her savior.

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Man Receives Jesus in His Heart and Healing in His Foot

We were at the orthopedic quarters and there was a male probably in his thirties whose foot was run over by a car and had a 10/10 pain. We prayed for him and it went down to a 5/10. We prayed again and it went down to a 0/10. Then I asked him if he knew Christ as his personal savior. He said no so I asked him if he wanted to receive Him as Lord and savior. He said yes. Then the translator led him in a beautiful prayer. He said at the end that he felt very peaceful. Praise Jesus for His love and healing touch!


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"Tough Guys" Get Touched By God

We were delivering bags of food to single moms and we came upon about 10 rough looking guys lining both sides of the sidewalk smoking pot. So the missionary we were with stops and says, "Hey guys, you want to see something crazy? If anyone has any pain, it is going to get healed.” So this big guy gets up and says he has really bad pain in both his knees and they looked very arthritic. A shorter guy says he ruined his left knee playing soccer. We prayed and God healed them both! Then, he preached the gospel and lead the two and one other to the Lord.  

- Jon, Doctor

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Healings and Salvation in the Bush

During the Friday morning bush outreach, there were about 25 mamas and 25 children of all ages following us from house to house. They told us we had to pray for the mama before we would pray for the others as an honoring action. So we prayed for her sore arm, headaches, and sore feet. Her left arm had what appeared to be a bulging muscle. We prayed and then asked her if she felt better. She said she felt a little better so we prayed again. We prayed not only for her healing, but for God’s power to be revealed. We then asked her if she felt better. She said she was completely better and we could physically see a difference in her arm because the bulge was completely gone.

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