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Sinuses Healed

A young lady suffered from sinus infections for ten years. Her pain level was a 7 at the beginning of prayer and by the end of the prayer, she was feeling heat and her pain level came down to a 0.


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Three Healeed After Word of Knowledge

I got a word of knowledge for pain in the cheek radiating to the temple and three people came up to me for prayer. The first man was a young guy with pain in his temple. He had had the condition for a long time.

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It's Not About Me But Him!

Tonight a woman approached me for prayer. There was no translator. She pointed repeatedly to her right eye. She pressed into the swollen cheek on the same side as her eye to show me how spongy it was.

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New Zealand - Sinus Infection Healed

A gentleman had been on an antibiotic for a long time due to a sinus infection. While praying he could feel drilling and then it continued up into the bridge of his nose. He saw a light and all of a sudden could smell. He felt like God was doing more in his life and that he had peace. - Barbara

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Brazil - Sinus Infection/Asthma Healed

I prayed for a man in his late 50’s. He has had a sinus infection for six years as well as asthma. He couldn’t take a deep breath caused. I prayed three times until he was healed. The first time a little, 2nd time 50% and the last time I prayed he was 100% healed. The pain was gone and he could totally breathe. He had no more pain in his chest either. ~Charlie

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