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Taiwan - Leg Grows and Back Pain Leaves

We prayed for this young woman who had her right leg shorter than her left leg. So we prayed and commanded the right leg to lengthen and grow; it grew.  We prayed and commanded her leg to lengthen it lengthened and grew and grew till it almost grew longer than her left leg. We also prayed for her back. She has an s-shaped spine. After we prayed for her, she felt very comfortable in her back. ~Joshua

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Taiwan - Seven Year Spine Pain Relieved

I prayed for a man who was going blind and who had been in extreme pain (spine) for seven years. The man's back pain disappeared after we prayed. We cast demons out of this man, which appeared to be the source of his pain. ~Barbara

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Brazil - Crooked Spine Straightened

God healed cancer and a crooked spine at the terminally ill prayer time. An elderly woman had ovarian or uterine cancer (it was not clear to me, just reproductive organs). She also had a crooked spine. After several times of prayer and interview (about 10 times on each issue) she said all the pain and all the symptoms left her body. She had more strength to walk, and she could bend her spine fairly normal for an elderly woman. She said she was healed and testified on camera with Ed Rocha. ~Deanna

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Brazil - Woman Back Bone, Nervous System, and Hip messed up


A woman walked up to me and said that her back bone wasn't straight and her nervous system in her hip was all messed up and she couldn't open her legs. I prayed once and the pain got better, I prayed again and the pain was gone, I prayed again and she said she could stand up straight (which she couldn't do before) I prayed again and she could begin to move her legs apart and she could extend her legs completely (before she always had to stand with her knees bent) I felt like God was going to continue to loosen up her hip and as she used it it would get better! So I am believing that she gets totally healed!

Categories: Testimonies, Brazil - October 2011 Tags: Hip Pain, Nervous System, Spine


Brazil - Spine Straightened, Headaches Healed

"A young girl with severe back pains from scoliosis came for prayer. Prayed for the spine to straighten and it did! All the pain disappeared. I prayed for a mother suffering from headaches. Discerned it was from stress so prayed peace to fill her. The pain left and her whole countenance changed."


Categories: Testimonies, Brazil - September 2011 Tags: Headache, Scoliosis, Spine

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