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Stomach Cancer Healed!

An elderly man came for prayer. He stated he had cancer in his stomach. His doctors had said that not much could be done because of the advanced stage of the disease, so they were only treating him with pain killers.

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Forgiveness Brings Healing of Stomach Cancer

I prayed for a young man who had stomach cancer. I bound every spirit I knew to bind but the pain did not leave. Then I asked my translator to ask him if any significant events had happened about the same time the cancer started. 

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Brazil - Stomach Cancer, Headaches Healed

"I prayed for an older woman after she had come to the front for salvation. She was crippled with fear and visibly burdened down, she asked for prayer for cancer in her stomach – after working through the 5 step method the woman was totally changed. The Lord change the countenance of her face, the peace and love of God filled her. As we were praying we both felt the heat touch her abdomen and we felt the tumor move; of course there is no way of knowing if she was totally healed, but I know that Jesus loved on her His perfect love that overcomes all. A middle aged woman was faint with headaches. We started praying, the pain started when her husband left her for another woman. She forgave her ex-husband, mistress, and herself for holding anger, resentment and bitterness. The heat and peace of God flowed and the pain was gone, she was no longer faint. Her countenance totally changed and the joy of the Lord washed over her!"


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