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Young Woman with Stomach Issues 100% Improved

I prayed for a woman who looked to be in her twenties who had stomach problems. It had started a little while ago. Her doctor said that it was probably caused by something she ate last Sunday evening, so I assumed it was food poisoning that she was experiencing. 


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Word of Knowledge Leads to Healings of Stomach Issues

I got a word of knowledge by seeing the word “stomach,” and I also felt a slight pain in my lower right stomach area. Two ladies came up to me for prayer from that. 

Categories: Testimonies, YPI 2017 Brazil, Physical Tags: Stomach Issues, Word of Knowledge


Man with Distended Abdomen Watches It Shrink after Prayer!

I had given a word of knowledge that there was someone with stomach/digestive problems including acid reflux. The last person in my line for prayer said that he had all kinds of digestive issues. 

Tags: Digestive Issues, Stomach Issues, Word of Knowledge


Influence of Witchcraft Broken, Stomach Healed. Vision Restored After Word of Knowledge & Prayer!

A lady said she had mucus coming up from her belly. I asked if she had witchcraft in her house or that of her relatives. She said her Grandma and her mom. She prayed a prayer and repented from witchcraft.

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September Brazil 2013 - Arthritis Pain & Stomach Issues Healed

A young woman, Fabiana, had problems with her stomach and esophagus. She had had two surgeries to stop regurgitation of food and reflux and was still not right. She also had been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in her back up around into the shoulders/neck and a rash on her back. 

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